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Attention! Have mobbing!


Attention! Have Mobbing!

Mobbing at work is becoming a subject that is increasingly important in the world and in our country, leaving significant damage in the areas where the solution is not produced. In this regard, various initiatives have been made in our country by making legal arrangements. The Alo 170 mobbing line, created for the purpose of combating mobbing, evaluates the complaints of employees.

In the past year, the figures on the complaints made over this line give a variety of tips about mobbing in our country:

According to the study completed in 2013, from 19 March 2011 to 19 March 2012, a total of 2,568 complaints were made to the Alo 170 line in a 1-year period. The figures obtained from these declarations are as follows:

  • The mobbing complaints from the private sector constitute 60% of the total complaints and 40% of the mobbing complaints from the public sector.
  • 53% of the total application is male and 47% are women.
  • Among those who apply for mobbing are women (51%) in the public sector, and men (56%) in the private sector constitute the greater majority.
  • Managers who are responsible for the victimization of 87% of the victims of mobbing in Turkey.
  • 20% of those who seek the mobbing line is forced to resign, 30% are insulted and abused.
  • The rate of sexual harassment and physical violence is 1.6%.

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In addition to the above figures, the issue of mobbing is so important that the people exposed to the Mobbing are unable to do their jobs according to the size and impact of the damage. This includes many threats, both personal and institutional, both legal, social and/or individual.

When Mobbing is called…

The word mobbing corresponds to a case of psychological harassment in the workplace as well as in international literature. Many concepts, such as psychological violence, oppression, harassment and disturbing, are discussed and used in this topic.


This concept was first reported in 1984 in Sweden with a report on “safety and Health in business life” and Prof. It’s being expressed by Heinz Leymann. According to Leymann ‘: “Mobbing is an emotional attack. It is a psychological terror that is systematically administered by one or several people in a systematic manner against another person. 

Of course, these psychological harassments at work consists of a one-time, interpretation-open, rather than the controversial situation, a series of behavioural behaviours. According to the research conducted on the subject, the shortest mobbing lasts for 6 months, but generally, the average time is 15 months. In the 29-46 months, the lasting heavy effects of the process are starting to emerge. (Source:

Why is mobbing implemented and how can we solve it?

We can classify the reasons behind the application of mobbing for employees at work locations as macro and micro-reasons.

Macro reasons can be more addressed at the level of the impacts of the economies of the country and economic systems. Employment opportunities are insufficient compared to the labour force that wants to work, gaps arising from legal arrangements protecting employees, etc. Many different reasons are the background of the mobbing macro, which is applied to employees. Such adverse situations result in employers providing lower standards for employees, as employees are willing to settle for more difficult or adverse working conditions.

When we examine the micro-motives associated with the implementation of mobbing, we face; The size of the business, negative approaches in corporate culture, inadequate boss/executive qualifications or negative personal behaviour and attitudes of unit/Department supervisors, inter-employee relations, etc. More and more people are focusing on issues that are becoming more prominent.

Although the solution options differ depending on the source or source of the problem, the adverse effects of the problem can ultimately have devastating effects on the employees. In order to prevent these destructive effects from even occurring, it is necessary to take measures in the legal, institutional, managerial or personal plane and develop.

İbrahim H. Kayral


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