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9 March World Men's Day

9 March World Men’s Day

Yesterday we celebrated the 8th of March World Women’s Day together.

Although I don’t quite understand what we’re celebrating! When it comes to celebrating, the joy Acts, congratulations, etc., which are shown after a successful achievement.

But I suppose it would be a success, even as a woman, to sustain her life!. That’s why we celebrate women…

What is the 8th of March World Women’s Day?

As a convenience, I’m getting the Wikipedia statement here:

“World women’s Day or world labouring women’s Day is an International day that is celebrated every year on March 8th and is defined by the United Nations. The development of political and social consciousness of women on the basis of human rights is divided into the celebration of economic, political and social achievements. In Turkey, on March 8, the World Prolealist Women’s Day began to be celebrated for the first time in 1921 as “Labor Women’s Day”.

On 8 March 1857 in New York City, 40,000 weaving workers began to strike in a textile factory with a prompt for better working conditions. However, the police attacked the workers and workers were locked in the factory, followed by the fire of the workers in front of the factory in the barricades formed by 129 female workers died. More than 10,000 people attended the funeral of the workers. “

Following process 2. The International Women’s meeting was decided to commemorate the 8 March “Internationaler Frauentag” (International Women’s Day-world Women’s Day) in memory of the women workers who died in the textile factory fire on March 8, 1857.

“March 8” is being called “World prolealist Women’s Day” at the 3rd conference held in Moscow in 1921.

“World prolealist Women’s Day” begins in the 1960s in the United States, in the process of 1977 in the United Nations decision to be commemorated/celebrated internationally.

Commemorative celebration…

The nuance here; In the section on the date of the day of the United Nations ‘ site, the celebration (!) It’s not written in memory of the workers who died in New York.

We need to underline this point.

(Of course, the cold war in the conditions of such nuances, the blocks created by different countries, etc. It would be more accurate to address many of the economic, political, and other conjures.)

What’s the situation today?

We celebrated the 8th of March together yesterday. The celebrations continued until the evening hours. Different events and meetings have been organized. As far as I follow from social media, the celebrations were replaced by the evening and the excitement of the derby match and the football. So the excitement of March 8 lasted until 18.00…

Due to the significance and importance of the day, everyone saw fit to celebrate in different ways according to their budget. Some with a promise, some with a flower, some with bigger gifts…

In other words, the work is thoroughly celebrated and recorded towards the festival.

Just like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other important (!) days…

The market, which is created over the separation of men and women, is because the sales can be made more comfortable in these types of days.

What about the readings?

Common values and principles for increasing the quality of life, which is the main purpose of such days; It’s usually a little dull behind the sweet glow that comes to the fore.

Or the parties, the fans, are at the forefront of female separation.

You mean, you women…

And when that happens, if it’s a women’s day, why don’t we just give it a plane like no men’s day.

What’s the big deal?

If you ask me, our actual discussion areas, practices, decisions should be carried out and implemented through values, principles and concepts rather than subjects, professions, status, gender, egos.

Does it matter what the subject’s identity is if it is unfair that it does not possess the power that holds the strength?

For example, violence; Isn’t it more important for us to discuss the reasons for which violence is violent, and to implement measures that will prevent violence?

Okay, it’s like a more facilitation method of separating concepts into small pieces and making such distinctions in the problem-solving methodology.

But when the separation is done, doesn’t it turn from the essence of the parties into the debate of the sides?

If we are to celebrate, let us agree on the common values and principles of being human, rather than being a woman or a man, to apply these values and celebrate them.

Otherwise, what do we serve besides revisiting the market on special days of vaguing?

In order to make life more beautiful, I congratulate all women on March 8, the World Workers ‘ day, especially on March 9, in order not to stay on March 8…

To make our lives more beautiful, all the workers who lost their lives, I commemorating the martyrs…

And last note: In the world, we have a designated day for Men (is) actually November 19 (International Men’s Day). In fact, the day is celebrated in many countries.

Specially created page for interested in http://mensday.ws/en/index.php

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