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Evreka (Euraka)

Evraka (Euraka)

Where do you think the good ideas that create value come from?
You know, the moments when we say, “Yes, I did!” It’s the moment when we’re looking for solutions in our minds.

How does the moment Archimedes scream out of Eureka?

What should we do to develop a new idea?
How can we be better in this race as a company, as a country or as an individual when the world is signing a new discovery every day? “Think Like a turkey!” Will it be enough alone?

My friends, who we’ve been chatting about before, have an idea, but today I’m going to make a change and leave you the answers.

I’m just going to say this as a different clue.

If you want to understand the formation of a good idea, you can watch the birth journeys of stars like the Sun.

What’s that got to do with it?
Yes, I’m waiting for your thoughts.

Pleasant Weekends
İbrahim H. Kayral

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