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From Darkness to light

From Darkness to Light

There’s a little light in every darkness, and there’s a little darkness in every light.

Life is a form where both opposing energies balances each other continuously. For example, the pressure differences between hot and cold weather balance each other through the wind. The same difference is the cause of the waves in the seas.
Until the energy stabilises, the sea continues to rinse, and the harsh winds continue to blow.

The same is true of the relationship between people.

However, the reflection of this situation is somewhat more complicated. For example, the flow of this energy can sometimes get in the same direction as “what you Sow,” and sometimes in the opposite way. This time we are faced with “good-for-goodness” situations.

The movements of the two energy systems in different directions are contrasting with each other in the events that we encounter in our daily lives, but in complementary ways, we hit our shores. The events that forced you to shout out louder in the face of what has been done against you are flowing on one side, while the provisions of the favours you have previously done on the other side are compensated by the flow of energy in the same direction.

The prospect of what arises before sunrise is due to the possibility that both situations occur at the same time.

In the darkest moment of the night, the glow of the day, where you think you found the bottom, begins the emergence of these two types of energy flows in our lives caused by the occurrence of emotion.

When we cry, we laugh when we laugh, and we feel the strangeness of our throat, the passage of the energy flows of life is the best.

The more we try to understand, the more our feet wander together. However, you must leave it to the rhythm of the music, as you walk on the road, in the flow of life.

Sometimes it’s better to live in an instant, instead of “figuring out everything” instead of trying to think about it.
Because life is not static, it is dynamic, it is to feel the flow, to think without thin

king… Ibrahim H

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