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I guess I don't belong in this world!

I guess I don’t belong in this world!

I can hear you, too-much- Elon-Musk-Azra-Kohen-studied-watched, people finally want to go to other planets! 

This is not a space trail or an Elon Musk sequence. It’s not about the Spirütel journey or the aliens, but let’s repaint it first.

Our story is about what happened in this world. 🙂

The conversations we’ve had with a lot of friends for a long time, especially if we’re close to a problem, it turns out it doesn’t belong to this world.

“I guess I don’t belong in this world!”

You might think the situation is about the social environment. It is not. InstagramFacebook etc. As I have never met in my social media shares, in different cities, in different professions, people, my followers, are turning around and detecting problems; I often testify that they have revealed not to belong to this world.

I’m sure you’ve often met with this sentence. It could be a result of the cinema industry where the space film and Jarg are used or Hollywood influence.

No matter where it comes from, I want to draw attention to why it’s often used.

Our perspective on problems

When we have a problem, we usually propose a solution to that problem, which is the way we approach it. Then, sometimes, we see that we can not solve the problem with this form of suggestion or approach.

We have dreams, goals, for instance. But we feel that these dreams and objectives are far from the point where we are, that it is impossible to reach these dreams with existing resources or opportunities.

That’s where it starts with “not belonging to this world” feeling.

Either our dreams are coming to this world, or our solution proposals are narrow, but somehow our proposed shirt doesn’t fit into this world.

Is that a problem?

Definitely not.

Because from the very first moment, human beings have evolved through this emotion. Human beings have dreamed far away from the conditions that he was in before and then worked to achieve these dreams. And knowing how hard it is to reach your dreams.

But once the dream was set up and started to become targets, the transformation took place.

Where does the feeling we don’t belong to our world come out?

If life is a journey and it’s like reaching B from a, our dreams, our goals, yes, is it not normal that a person who dreams of the city of B does not feel it belongs to a? (where the city or the world is not just a physical venue, it can be any kind of social, psychological, physical environment that we feel good at)

You’re bored with the best of your world, looking for a new one.

After all, if you don’t feel you belong to this world, then you have dreams.

It’s a good thing!

What if we’re always in the same situation?

There’s nothing wrong with the “dream, Target” part of this feeling, even pretty.

You reach a goal and you dream new dreams, you’re constantly moving from point A to point B to point C.

When does it feel that you don’t belong to your world? (I’m sure the psychologists will contribute to the subject with different dimensions)

I think the problem arises if you’re at point A and you can’t reach point B.

You don’t belong to point a, but you can’t reach point B.

A is not your world, and the B point you are looking for cannot be reached.

Look in the mirror

That’s when we need to review our progress and development tools. You might be doing something wrong somewhere.

Perhaps our current resources (information, social structure, environment, time, material-spiritual) and our dream is not a truly attainable goal. Then we need to review the target, re-define it.

We’ve reviewed our target, we believe it’s achievable, but it’s still unavailable.

Maybe we’re not going the right way. Then we need to review our path.

There’s a chance we won’t be driving in the right direction. Maybe our car is too slow or too fast, but we’re always crashing and getting out of the way.

When we review these three options, the Stones will start to fit.

Now, we can wish you happiness in your new world, if you have correctly detected and analyzed your current status, starting point, and Earth (A point) in the first place. 



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