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Gather your bags, we are going to Mars!

When it comes to space travel, the first thing we think about is Armstrong’s “a small, big step for mankind” during the first foot on the moon.

At work today, perhaps the first movement of the “second big step” for mankind was given and the Falcon was sent to the Heavy space between the applause of thousands of people in the time of Turkey and 23:45.

Developed by the electric car manufacturer Tesla and SpaceX, “the Falcon Heavy’s goal is Mars. This launch, which is monitored live by millions of people, is seen as the first step of a journey to Mars. Although the probability of success was expressed as 50 per cent, the launch resulted in success.

The Martian voyage is an important target on the journey of mankind to search for settlements outside the world. Another interesting addition to this dream, the launch to perform, is the discovery of a car of Tesla in the rocket. An electric vehicle, this automobile represents the Elon Musk’s dream of using alternative energy instead of fossil fuels.

The two capsules that were separated from the Falcon Heavy returned to the world to be used again. Falcon Heavy’s journey to Mars continues.

The first red sports car to go into space

This launch with the Falcon Heavy carries the firsthand in many respects. For example, we said there was a Tesla Roadster vehicle in the rocket. So the Roadster gets the title of the first automobile to go into space.

In the driver’s seat of the red sports car, Starman is sitting in an inanimate mannequin wearing astronaut clothes. Musk had previously announced that it would be placed in orbit of Mars, while in the vehicle, David Bowie would play Space oddity. (I suggest you continue by listening to the song while reading the rest of the article. 

The launch was broadcast live from the Tesla car that was sent to space within the rocket. The vehicle’s journey in space is separate from the rocket.

This journey of Elon Musk; “The car will travel 400 million kilometres from Earth and make it 11 kilometres per second. We estimate that a few hundred million or even billions of years will remain in orbit. “

A private company rivals NASA

Billionaire businessman Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla companies, is launching a Mars journey by performing such a launch as a private entrepreneur instead of a government. For the first time, experts emphasize that the launch of a turbocharged version of the Falcon 9 rocket produced by SpaceX, carrying loads of space for years by a private company, is an important milestone in space travel.

NASA, on the other hand, is developing its own heavy launch rocket, called Space Launch System, to send people to the moon and then to Mars. But the estimated date for the first launch is 2020.

World’s largest rocket

The Falcon Heavy is now the strongest rocket in the world. Thus, for the first time since the first manned flight to the month of the United States 45 years ago, a rocket of this magnitude and power is being sent to space. The Falcon Heavy can carry 64 tonnes of load into the Earth’s low orbit and 70 meters long.

SpaceX says the Falcon Heavy rocket is strong enough to carry a fully loaded Boeing 737 passenger plane into orbit. With this feature of the rocket, NASA has been following Saturn V, a gigantic rocket that carries astronauts to the moon.

Returning rockets

The greatest feature of these rockets is that they can be reused, unlike other examples. Thus, the Musk has prevented an important rocket waste and reduces costs.

Shortly after the explosion, the Falcon, which departed from the Speedbooster Rockets, has completed its duties as it progresses towards Earth orbit, and the 2 rockets are returning to earth smoothly.

The two space capsules used for the launch of the Falcon Heavy were released to Earth without being harmed after they went into space. Two capsules are scheduled to be used again in advancing projects. “

Humanity continues to work on the path of a realization of its dreams. I would like to remind you that I have often expressed my share of “What you dream about, one day they will all happen.”

As a result;

Yes, don’t you think it’s time for us to pack our bags slowly?



I suggest you watch the launch footage and all that excitement. Especially the 20th. Minutes after…

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