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The only thing living is consciousness

In our daily conversations, often an expression of suggestion and counsel is a phrase between them: “Conscious living”. Most of the time the depth of its meaning is consumed without realizing it, but it is so deep that two words: consciousness and life.

What is consciousness?

When you ask Google, the following description is given: “The ability to recognise, perceive, comprehend, and recognize the person’s surroundings and what is happening.”

So, where is consciousness? Is there a connection to the soul? In this regard, the issue is discussed in detail in the speech that Deepak Chopra discusses in terms of spirit and consciousness. How can the consciousness that we have conceived in relation to the brain usually allow us to perceive the outside world, while it perceives itself? This question gives a hint about the depth of the subject related to consciousness. I won’t go into the details of the conversation, but I suggest you watch it for a different perspective.

Conscious person?

The subject is “human” when consciousness and human beings matter. The fact that the subject is human, maybe it comes from the attitudes of human beings associated with the ego. But what if the subject is not human?

When consciousness and human beings are subject to consciousness and not human beings?

I mean, if it’s not human consciousness, but consciousness. You can further expand the subject in this respect

Civilisations, teamwork and the upper mind

Come on, let’s take a little more macro frame. Let’s look at the structures that society builds from the individual. Like the pyramids. John Taylor, an English mathematician and astronomist, has reached many conclusions as a result of some studies. Eg:

  • The total number of Pi = 3,1416 is obtained when the Keops pyramid is divided by twice the height of the base perimeter.
  • The height of the Cheops pyramid is precisely 1 billion multiplied by the distance between the Earth and the Sun (149.504.000 km).
  • The distance between the Keops pyramid and the Center of the world is equal to the distance between the North Pole.

Not only these findings give us different information about the pyramids, but many findings and narrations. The pyramids were built not only in Egypt but also by different civilizations in different geographies such as China, Mexico and Bolivia.

Beyond the pyramids, throughout history, different civilizations have conveyed a lot of information to the present day with their important works. For a detailed review and a different look, I can recommend the “Our Civilization test” writing syntax.

If we examine the dynamics that reveal the civilizations, the background; We see effective teamwork, strong motivation, and, most importantly, a mass of high consciousness reaching a higher level of intellect.

Ultimately, this upper intellect or high level of consciousness leads to a higher and higher level of consciousness in collective life.

Artificial intelligence

Humanity has put a lot of information in the pyramids in a single structure, such as in the works it has revealed so far, it has ensured that the upper consciousness reached by “freezing” in its form until today.  Not the people who put them out, but their consciousness continued to live.

The point of the present is even more exciting and thought-provoking. Humanity has reached the point where it will move the development of its individual consciousness out of its own body thanks to the motivations emerging in different ways. Consciousness is now evolving into a computer code and in a robot form, conscious and constantly learning.

The development of a robot named Sophia was not left here and was adapted to social order by the Saudi Arabian citizenship. The goal is to build a city with robots that have artificial intelligence, and the lines pass between them in different news. A separate subject of intelligence, nature, Sophia Elle, Stylist, as well as many magazine magazines and different TV programmes as guest and model participate.

The human brain is yet more advanced when compared with the processor capacity of the human brain and the processor capacities of the robotic chips. However, in 20-30 years, it is estimated that computers will reach the capacity of the human brain.

Perhaps thanks to this development, human beings will continue their existence in different bodies (robots or computers), and the consciousness will be continued in these bodies/forms of the development journey.

Conscious person or human consciousness?

At the point of the bride, “conscious” i.e. perceived, aware, and identified according to the perception of things by “freezing” human beings, to inspire new ideas by continuing to be a “nest” in the development of consciousness, perhaps only.

For example, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, or Mozart, looked at life and combined it with different scientific knowledge and abilities, depicting it with a work of “consciousness” that they actually reached, and extended with their hands to the future.

Newton formulated the works of Einstein or Tesla with mathematics and carried it to the present by making “their consciousness” permanent.

When we look independently of the human ego, what we see is only “consciousness”.

In fact, when we are independent of this ego, we see that not only in humans but in nature, in every living thing, this consciousness finds life in different forms.

When you discover that the only living thing is consciousness, it will come to us the fact that our egos are merely explorers.

What do you say?

Conscious person or human consciousness?



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