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I don't have a saddle!…

No thanks to anyone!..

It is a sentence that we have often heard or perhaps expressed in our daily lives: no thanks to anyone…

So why is this sentence being used?

And how to understand it?…

This behaviour of anyone who does not thank anyone, and who exhibits unappreciated manners; Either knowledge-etiquette, love-interest, money-stamps, material-spiritual need everything (or many) that he has, thanks to them to join the business of wealth/value to be sure that the person or those who succeeded in covering up the deprivation of these values Is the behaviour of the person who thinks.

Rather than the “thank you to no one” attitude, the reasons below are the main ‘ who made us ‘

There is arrogance beyond pride in the source of both.

The only differences are; In the first person to get the wealth/value of the addressee in the middle of a ‘ value ‘ and the existence of a ‘ worth ‘, the person who is obsessed with the attitude of ‘ respectable ‘ in the eyes of the addressee, while the second ‘ same attitudes ‘ to make the person be funny.

Unfortunately, however, as the domination of the matter comes to the fore and the “individualization” increases with the effect of this wave, “no thanks to anyone” goes well…

The concepts such as tolerance, modesty, philanthropic, self-knowledge, heart-taking, sharing, and more are being replaced by personal competition…

And even worse, in this competition, individuals are becoming more and sharper with their parents and education systems from childhood to individualization and not to tolerate, share or help.

At this stage, it will be an important effort to be aware of this situation and to take the necessary precautions in our own world, at least in order to be alone and to prevent problems arising or emerging.


Note: This was posted on the Milliyet Blog on September 06, 2011th

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