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Can a network be established between brains?-(from theory to practice)

Can The Network Be Established Between Theory and Practice



In this series of articles, we discussed many different topics together. From the structure of the brain and nervous system to the networks emerging through inter-institutional bonds, we have touched on many different points ranging from energy jumps in neurons to their measurement…


All of these issues in terms of our writing series, the common point is the synergy of the bonds established between units and how we can contribute to this synergetic…


Whether you work as an administrator or as an employee or an individual, you look at your own perspective, ultimately, as individuals, we are “units” in the network, not “the network itself”.


So, what is our function as a “unit” in the institution or individual, located on this network?


Do our requests have the power to influence the whole “network” that we are connected to?


Or are we connected to that network, but we’re just the “buyer” units?

Imagine your personal or corporate “Entire Network” as a sea wave you are connected to!.


Are you just a drop in that wave?

What do you see when the sea Fluctuis; Is the wave movement of the drops coming together or is the wave forcing the drops to move?


Let’s make it more concrete…


You’re an audience in a fully loaded stadium, and you want to create a Mexican wave. Can you create this wave on your own?


Think of neurons and synapses…


If there’s such a connection between the people at the stadium, why not!

And why you won’t be the reason you started this movement…


For example, in 1981, George Henderson started alone with his little drum in the Athletics-Yankees event, and the “Wave”, 1986 Mexico World Cup Finals, is now known as the wave of Mexico in the world and can connect between them


The fans are repeated repeatedly to support their teams.

All Henderson had to do was impress the people in the immediate vicinity by convincing them to do the move. A few unsuccessful attempts and the post came spontaneously.


Why not create big “waves” by sending such “signals” to the “network” where you Are “connected”!.


Creating corporate waves…


You can think of it the same way in terms of corporate governance. In this age, where links are particularly well-increased with many different social media applications, strict hierarchies leave the place in parallel links. The height (!) differences between the top (!) executives and the bottom (!) employees are eliminated.


Some executives may be resisting this, but they are futile…

Because the manager or not, ultimately, each of us are individuals who work to produce a common “value” in fact.


Different units on the network.


Therefore, the manager who discovers it, how many employees are involved in the corporate neural network to different perspectives, in fact, “corporate common mind” can have so much innovative thinking power.


This makes the employee feel more valuable.


Of course, the “network” needs to be publically cleanable before the manager’s “Classic Hierarchical Egos”


We can also call it a kind of institutional “a-boat” process.


Of course, you can discuss both spiritual/spiritual/spiritual sense as well as evolutionary maturation/development.

As this ripening occurs, different minds can be more integrated into the network, and we are able to reach institutions that think far beyond the potential of thinking of one or several people.


To ensure the rapid movement of corporate synapses, we need to have that vision primarily as individuals and institutions.


What about later? What do we have to do in concrete so that we could establish active networks?


The answer to this question may be the subject of our different articles or series of articles…


The end.


İbrahim H. Kayral.

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