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It's not a waste to compete!..

Pic1We completed 2013 years and we took our step to 2014. Of course, we have crowned this passage with New Year’s celebrations. I’d like to start my summer with a good year for all of us already.

With the New Year celebrations, Linkedin has included many different greeting messages, especially one of the important social media tools in the business world. But in my opinion, perhaps the most striking and meaningful in these things was that one third of the world’s food production was wasted and the amount of waste that 870 million hungry people could saturate. The fact that the message was not wasted during the Christmas celebrations was an important reminder to cover the whole year, not just Christmas. (You can reach the message by clicking on the relevant discussion)

In fact, this is a feature that should always be on the agenda, especially when we need to transform business or home into a habit of our daily lives.

When you have a look at the press, it is possible to come across many news.

“The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock has said that 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually in the world.”

“Turkey Bakers Federation said in a statement: 6 million per day, and 2 billion pieces of bread is wasted annually, stating that” the economic burden of bread wasting to our country 1.5 billion pounds annually “”

“According to estimates, the food waste rate is increasing between 30% and 40% every year in developed countries, especially in America...”

“The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says a billion tonnes of food is wasted every year in the world.”

Although the above examples are in the Food field, the subject of waste is not only specific to food products.

A waste of energy, a waste of paper, a waste of money, as well as the most emphasis on food products, and our daily lives as the headlines we need to pay attention to.  We can increase these titles, or even elaborate to create awareness… We all have our duties on this.

When you do some research on the Internet, you will get the page of the Turkish Waste Prevention Foundation ( I was never aware of the existence of such a foundation. I’m sure a little more detailed research will be found in the organization.

Ultimately, it is important that we keep the individual or institutional, any work carried out in this field as best as we can and fulfill our responsibility.

Wishing you a year without a waste…

Muhammad H. kayral

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